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Do we know ourselves as a university? How do you imagine the NBU community and campus today? How do you imagine the university in a decade?

We invite you to participate in the first of its kind study of the NBU community, where students, faculty and staff share their opinions. This research study is conducted as part of the international European Reform University Alliance (ERUA). The study aims to survey the NBU community’s attitudes towards sustainable development as it pertains to both social and ecological aspects. The results from this survey will be presented at an NBU conference. 

Change begins with knowledge. Participate!

The survey is developed by a working group part of ERUA’s WP#5 Sustainable Development. The manager of WP#5 for NBU is assistant professor Dr. Georgi Gochev. 

The survey is anonymous. It has received ethical approval from the Department of Cognitive Science and Psychology at NBU. The results will be used for research purposes. The completion of the survey takes 10 to 15 minutes.