Part 2: Task 3

For items 1-5, find ONE word only which can be used appropriately in ALL THREE sentences without change of form, as in the example (0).
I’ll be back in no time – keep the engine running.
Will Clinton be running in the next election?
He’s just running the shop while the owner is away.

(0) running
It was probably the greatest compliment anyone could have __________ her.
It is a terrible car, and what annoys me is that I __________. through the nose for it.
It was a risk but luckily it __________ off.

He was tired of the long __________-out arguments of the defense.
The government’s action has __________ an angry response.
A number of parallels can be __________ between unemployment and suicide rates.

The natives have to __________ up with gaping tourists.
The committee is likely to __________ forward a new proposal.
It will be difficult to __________ the whole production together at such short notice.

There is a good __________ of concern about energy shortages.
If the contractors don’t come, we’ll presume the __________ is off.
She thinks women have had a raw __________ from life.

They were given a few __________ sheets of paper to write on.
A runaway convict is on the __________ in the hills.
She wore __________ clothes that did not show off her figure.