B2 - Вариант 3

Missing headings

Read the text and choose the most suitable heading from the list for each part (1–6) of the article.
There is one extra heading which you do not need to use. There is an example (0) at the beginning.
0: Getting started
I don’t usually get up till 8.30. On a match day I’ll get up even later. I’ll sit in bed, watch breakfast TV for a while, and then I’ll go down, get the mail, have a coffee and read the papers. I’ll have a shower and then I’ll get ready to go to the club. Rangers is probably the only club where the players have to come in every morning wearing a shirt and tie; it’s a traditional thing and I quite like it really.

Every day except Sunday, I’ll be at the club by 10. It’s a short drive but I am still usually a few minutes late. I’ve a bad reputation for being late, and I’ve been fined many times. Each day of training is in preparation for the next match. We’ll do some weight training and some running to build up stamina. Players work on particular aspects of the game but tactics are usually left till match day.

After training I’ll usually have a sauna and then we’ll have lunch: salads and pasta or other similar things. In the afternoon I just try to relax. I started playing golf with the rest of my teammates, and I love horse racing, too. My other great hobby is music which helps me to escape the pressure of work.

The best thing in football is scoring goals - and I’m a top goal-scorer. It feels absolutely fantastic but I never feel above the rest of the team; if I did, I wouldn’t survive two minutes in the dressing room. Any success I have is a team success. My idol in the past was Kenny Dalglish. My idols now are the other Rangers players.

The matches themselves are always different from each other. You go through a lot of emotions during a game but really it’s a question of concentration. You’ve got just 90 minutes to give everything you’ve got and
take every chance you can. There’s luck and there’s being in the right place at the right time, but you can’t make use of those without concentration and responsibility.

Sports writers often talk about age but it’s not something that bothers me. I’m 30 and feel fantastic. I missed a few games last year due to injury and my place was taken by a young player at Rangers. We are friends but he is a threat to my position. My job is to score goals and if I don’t I’ll be replaced.

I try not to let football rule my home life but my wife would probably disagree. Last year we only got three weeks’ holiday. It’s difficult for Allison, my wife, but I think she’s learned to accept it. She likes football and comes to the matches. I do like to go out and see friends but I always have dinner with my wife.