Open Cloze

Read the text below and think of the word which best fits each space.
Use only one word in each space. There is an example at the beginning (0).
     Along with the usual stress of childhood and growing up, gifted children often have unique dilemmas, (0) which can increase their stress levels (1) more. They may find it difficult to accept their talents along (2) their limitations. In addition to this, they soon become aware that they are different, while (3) the same time wanting to develop a strong sense of belonging with their peers.
     Some of the more common signs of stress are losing a sense of humour as (4) as showing resentment towards parents, teachers and even friends. Many of these children suffer from insomnia or have difficulty in waking up. They may develop serious habits such (5) stuttering or head shaking. These signs can be an indication that they (6) trying to cope with their anxieties unsuccessfully. For perfectionists any failure is (7) terrible blow to their self-esteem.
     These gifted children need a (8) of support, especially from their parents. They should (9) encouraged to take time out from their studies, whenever possible. Teachers should be supportive and focus on improvement and effort rather (10) on comparison with others.