Gap-fill exercise

Read the text below and decide which answer (A, B, C or D) best fits each space.
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Although he was born in France, Rene Descartes, spent most of his life (0) travelling all around Europe. He (1) his education at a Dutch military academy where he studied engineering. His ideas were to challenge the scientists and philosophers of his time. It was Descartes who (2) that mathematics could be used as a basis of explanation for everything in the universe. He believed that the world of mathematics was a superior method for finding out the truth and as a result of his ideas philosophy, science and industry moved (3) . What most people don’t know is that Descartes was also (4) for improving the technology
of certain products such as spectacles and wheelchairs. In October, there will be an (5) in Amsterdam of some of Descartes’ scientific contributions. At the (6) of the 17th century, the ideas put forward by Descartes were criticized by many people, including philosophers from Britain. (7) this, however, his influence has been so great that all philosophical conferences and seminars (8) his work into account. Although there are many points that he (9) to study more deeply, his method was such that it (10) others to take a fresh look at the world and the human mind.