Multiple Choice Cloze

Read the text below and decide which answer best fits each space. There is an example at the beginning (0). Press "Check" to check your answers.
A long and happy marriage is something that many people wish for, but finding the right partner is (0) much more difficult than you might imagine. A friend of mine, Susan, had not been very successful in her (1) to find the perfect partner, and she was beginning to lose heart and feel rather (2) . One day she happened to hear someone (3) about a computer dating agency which could help you to find the ideal partner. Susan immediately (4) an appointment to see someone at the agency, then waited to see what would happen. The agency arranged a meeting with a ‘suitable’ partner at the local railway station a week later, although I (5) her not to go. My friend arrived a few minutes early but could see no one who matched the (6) of the man in the photograph she had been sent. She noticed a man waiting under the station clock and (7) a bunch of flowers, but there was no one else around. Suddenly the man started chatting to her and, after a while, asked her if she would (8) to go and have a coffee. Not until much later did they come to the (9) that they had both been waiting for each other! When they had both (10) from the shock, they decided that the computer had been right after all.