B1 - Вариант 1

Missing headings

You are going to read a magazine article. Choose the most suitable heading from the list for each part (1–5) of the article. There is one extra heading which you do not need to use. There is an example at the beginning (0).
0: Who would you most like to have lunch with?
My mother. At the peak of Bon Jovi’s early success, the group went through a period of real extravagance. We hired private planes, chartered the biggest yachts in the world, took all our friends on holiday to exotic islands, bought each other Ferraris and gave our parents expensive presents. But Mum would always much rather I went round for Sunday lunch instead of buying her another gift.

Being a rock’n’roll star is not as romantic as people think. It’s actually a very strenuous job – especially when you’re on the road 240 days a year. Songwriting, creating something that you can have forever, is what gives me the greatest thrill.

It’s really irritating when someone who hasn’t even listened to your album comes and starts asking stupid questions about your hair or the way you dress. I wish they would pay more attention to my music than they way I look.

I’d spend more time with my wife, Dorothea, and my kids, Stephanie and James. I take them with me whenever possible. They all came to live with me in London for three months while I was filming the thriller The Leading Man, but still don’t see enough of them.

I used to worry about living up to the success of the last record, especially after Slippery When Wet sold 14 million copies. But these days, I’m much relaxed and personal artistic satisfaction means more than commercial success.

That I’m not out on the town every night. When I was in London filming, I would drive to work at 6 am and see people coming out of the clubs and feel thankful that I’d had a good night’s sleep. I’m all for drinking alcohol now and again, but you can’t do it every night.