Read carefully the magazine article and choose the correct answer (A, B, C or D).


As a Real Madrid player, David Beckham is used to winning, and failure is something that he is simply unaccustomed to. He is one of the most famous Englishmen in the world today.

Of course, it is impossible to have an impartial opinion of this young man or the team that he plays for. If you are a Real Madrid fan, you love him. If you aren’t a fan of this team, then your opinion of Mr. Beckham may be quite different. In fact, in recent times, his treatment by fans of other teams has been extremely unacceptable, especially when he has been playing for England. Some of the worst comments have not even been aimed at Beckham but at his wife and young children, which is a bad thing. It has been hard for the football authorities to control such unruly behaviour. How can you discipline people for their comments when so many people are guilty?

Beckham’s attitude when faced with such problems has been cool-headed though. Under the pressure of being shouted and sworn at by so many people, he has always kept calm.

Of course, a lot of the bad things written and said about Beckham are due to his own actions. He is a very fashionable young man, but some of the clothes he has worn have been simply amazing. Why a person in his position would choose to wear a skirt in public is truly incomprehensible! Furthermore, to wear such things in unseasonable times as mid-winter seems even crazier!

His behaviour on the football pitch has also been unpredictable at times. Sometimes he is brilliant; sometimes he does crazy things. Some of the most famous footballing incidents involving Beckham are not his spectacular goals but his ungainly tackles. The most famous occasion was in France ’98, when a clumsy tackle led to him being sent off.