Part 7

Read the information about Mark. Fill in the information in the blanks.
Fill in ALL blank, then press "Check" to check your answers.
Mark is looking for new friends. He has just registered in a website hoping to find virtual buddies from all over the world.

General Information
I am fun loving, enjoy nights in and wild nights out. I feel that life is for living after all. I am lucky I have been to some of the most beautiful places in the world, mostly in Europe and the United States. I believe I’m good looking. I am a keen climber and enjoy outdoor activities most of all.

I’m 1.78 m tall, not exactly tall but not too short. Very fit. I have green eyes and lightbrown hair. I like wearing fashionable clothes, smart and casual, depending on
where I am and who I am with.


Gender: 0. male
Age: 37
Marital status: Divorced
Children: No
Education: College
Languages: English (Fluent)
Interests: 1. ,
Eye colour: 2.
Hair colour: 3.
Body type: 4.
Height: 5.