Part 4

Read the story. Are the sentences Right or Wrong?
There are four different nations in Britain and only the people who come from England are English. The inhabitants of the other three parts Scotland, Wales and Ireland like to be called Scotish, Welsh and Irish. Now, let’s look at the map. Here are the British Isles. They consist of two large islands and many small ones to the west. Here are England, Scotland and Wales. This is Ireland, which is the second largest island and is divided into two parts. In the North of the island is Northern Ireland, which is a part of Great Britain. The Southern part of the island is the Republic of Ireland, which is an independent part. The population is about 56 million. If we look at the map again, we will see that Great Britain is surrounded by water. To the West there is the Atlantic Ocean and the Irish Sea, to the East-the North Sea and here to the South is the Channel. The people of Britain are a real mixture and so is their language.